TSG Description Junior-set

Keep your little ones protected as they are out there enjoying skateboarding sessions as well as other outdoor sports, with the reliable protection offered by TSG junior pad set. Perfect for professional-level athletes as well as amateurs alike.

TSG’s hardshell construction uses PE shells for protection from abrasions, crashes, and falls. Cushiony protection from soft EVA foam padding dampens impact forces before reaching the body. TSG pad set has PE elbow caps, PE knee caps, and PE wrist splints that stand up to the rigors of skateboarding terrains. Kids have the benefit of extra leg protection from flexible lycra sleeves.

TSG's smart design caters to children of several ages. The unique horseshoe design provides wider coverage and protection around knees, elbows, and shoulders. The pre-shaped design follows the body’s natural shape to secure in comfortably without slipping down during actions.

Durable TSG pads deliver confidence and comfort to young athletes. It’s easy to adjust the fit for your child’s size, using the adjustable velcro straps. Elbow and knee caps have high-end 360° straps for a comfortable fit. Wrist guard gives ultimate fit and protection with three velcro straps and artificial leather palm pads.

TSG offers incredible quality surpassing international safety standards such as EN 14120:2003+A1:2007 Level 1 for the wrist, palm, knee and elbow protectors. Designed in Switzerland, TSG products are tested by a passionate internal team of riders and certified by independent lab testing.