Teemo Description M-1 Longboard

The M-1 Longboard is lightweight (only 16.09 lbs) yet extremely durable, with its 7 layer Canadian Maple Wood Deck capable of supporting up to 264 lbs. The M-1 also features front-wheel German FAG Bearings (some of the best bearings in the world).

Cruising Range/Battery :

Standard Samsung 4.0AH: 9.3 to 11.2 miles (15-18km) $339.99

Samsung 7.0AH: 12-14 miles(19.2-22.5 km) $399.99

Samsung 8.0AH: 15.5-22 miles (28-35 km ) $589.99

Battery 10.0AH: 20 to 25 miles (33-40km) $599.99

Remote control:

Standard remote control

OLED remote control. +$20.00