WowGo Spec WowGo Knight Longboard


        1 Slow mode: 0-12miles/h(0-20km/h)
        2 Normal mode: 0-18miles/h(0-30km/h)
        3 Fast mode: 0-22miles/h(0-35km/h)
        4 Turbo mode: 0-24miles/h(0-39km/h)

 Hill Climbing: 30%


      Standard : Hub motors:11-12 miles (18-20 km)

       Belt motors: 11miles (17 km)

Hobbywing V3.0 ESC:

Fast accelerate to 39km/h top speed
Very smooth on accelerate and brake
Compatible with both the hub and belt motors

Smart OLED Remote

Standby mode allows you to turn the board on or off using just the remote.

Wheel Control, more comfortable

Smart LCD Display: Power on logo, board & battery power, Speed, Speed Gear, direction, Trip, Total Range

All in one button, User friendly

Charging time: 0.5 hours

Type: 2.4G RF Technology

High-quality and powerful motors:

Excellent dynamic balance. Lower noise and more efficient conversion of electricity to kinetic energy. And the cable has better water-resistance performance.

Hub motor:

5230 motors: 2*560W

Belt motor:

5055 motors: 2*600W

8 Layers Real Canadian Maple Deck:


Length: 96.5*23CM

Elasticand strong, comfortable to ride

Material: 8 Layers Real Canadian Maple Deck  

Max load: 264 pounds (120 kg)

WowGo Newly Designed Trucks

Fantastic carving experience, very flexible

Stable at high speed

78A Soft PU Wheels

90*62mm. 78A Soft PU, More comfortable to ride

Wheel surface is 62mm in Width, More stable at high speed and better grip

extremely durable

Powerful Samsung Battery

WowGo Knight uses the high-quality Samsung battery, Lower voltage sag, better battery life. 

The sealed water-resistant battery enclosure can improve the overall water resistance of the battery. The integrated design makes battery replacement easier.

Note: Standard battery has a battery enclosure cover to protect the batterry from water damage. 
WowGo Knight Standard:
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Max Current: 40A


180 days

Package contents:

1 x Completely Assembled WowGo KnightBoard

1 x new Smart OLED wireless control

1 x USB type C charging cable

1 x pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap

1 x adapter and charger

1 x T wrench tool for daily maintenance

1 x Ywrench tool for daily maintenance

1 x Hook and screws

1 x Rear LED light 

1 x Usermanual 

2 x extra replaceable 260-5M belts (just for belt motor)