WowGo Spec WowGo AT2 Electric Skateboard


1 Slow mode:

Speed: 12 MPH

2 Normal mode:

Speed: 18 MPH

3 Fast mode:

Speed: 22 MPH

4 Turbo mode:

Speed: 25 MPH

● Hill Climbing: 30%

Pneumatic AT Wheels & Swappable Street Wheels:

● 175*50 mm pneumatic AT wheels, which offer better shock absorption for a smoother ride, easy on the legs for long distances 

● it can handle many kinds of road conditions
● Easily switch from all terrain wheels to 105mm or 120mm street wheels

Powerful 14AH Flexible Battery Pack & New Design Enclosure :

Flexible Battery:

● Flexible battery paired to flexible deck and offer a comfortable riding.
● Battery Capacity:14AH

● Battery cells Brand: Japan Sanyo Battery cells
● Range:up to 35km(22miles)range

New flexible Enclosure:

● Very high hardness
● Effective structure design for ESC cooling
● Reducing the failure rate of ESC caused by overheating

Powerful Dual 6368 Belt Motors:

● 2*1500W rated power high-quality and high-precision motor
● Excellent dynamic balance, which makes much less noise when it’s working
● More power can be effectively utilized with our cooling system

Hobbywing Upgraded ESC:

● Workingon higher current with upgraded hardware
● Equipped with the new upgraded program, which makes the riding experience more powerful and comfortable, it’s very smooth on acceleration and braking

306 mm Diameter Double Kingpin Trucks:

● Smoother and very flexible carving experience
● High strength 

New Fiberglass + Bamboo + Canadian Maple Deck:

● Flexible and high strength, more comfortable with feet.
● Material:Fiberglass+Bamboo+Canadian Maple Deck 

Smart OLED Remote:

● Smart digital display, one keyoperation, user-friendly design, simple and comfortable
● Read the riding information easily

Continental 5M Belt:

Famous belt brand, more reliable and durable,avoid skidding

CNC Wheel Hub

High precision CNC wheel hub,very durable

Water Resistant

Wowgo AT is treated with IP55 water resistant. 

 However, riding in rainy days is not recommended


9 months

Package contents:

● 1 x completely assembled WOWGO AT Board       
● 1 x OLED remote with USB charging cable       
● 2 x extra Continental or Gates belt   
● 1 x certificated charger       
● 1 x DC charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)       
● 1 x T-tool        
● 1 x rear LED light

● 1 x user manual  

● 4 x 120mm Cloudwhees+4 x Continental or Gates belt+2 x Pulleys (only 2 in 1)