WowGo Spec 3X Electric Longboard

Hobbywing V2.0 ESC:

Overall upgraded hardware. Working on higher voltage, Equipped with new upgraded software, which makes the riding experience more powerful and comfortable
Powerful High Level Motor:
2*600W rated power high-quality and High-precision motor. Excellent dynamic balance, significant noise reduction.

New Samsung Battery:
Overall upgraded power system, higher voltage and more powerful output. Up to 14 miles range
High Precision WowGo-Designed Rear Truck:
WowGo 3X uses a high precision & strengthened rear truck. It operates perfectly with the Paris front truck, creating an amazing carving experience. 
9 Pin Waterproof Cable:
Modular design makes it easier to assemble and disassemble
Gates or Continental 5M Belt:
More reliable and durable than 3M belt, avoids skidding.
Paris Front Truck:
Fantastic carving experience, very flexible
Stable on high Speed

Bamboo and Fiber Glass Deck:
Better elasticity & shock absorption, less breakage
Max load: 280 pounds (150 kg), Recommending riding weight is 264 pounds(120 kg) and below
Smart LCD Remote:
Smart digital display, one key operation, user friendly design
Fast Charging time: 0.5 hours
Type: 2.4G RF Technology
New Design Case:
Smaller in size
Effective structural design for ESC cooling
Material: Plastic, Light and very strong, it won't break
New Design Wheel:
Unique 90*62mm eccentric design and a wider Soft PU wheel
Better shock absorption & wear-resistant
1 Slow mode:

Speed: 12 MPH

2 Normal mode:

Speed: 18 MPH

3 Fast mode:

Speed: 24 MPH

4 Turbo mode: Super acceleration

Speed: 24 MPH

Hill Climbing: 25-30%
Range:14 miles (22.5 km)
180 days

Package contents:

● 1 x Completely Assembled WowGo 3X Board

● 1 x new Smart LCD wireless remote and charging cable

● 2 x extra replaceable Gates or Continental 5M belts

● 2 x extra replaceable pulleys

● 1 x pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap

● 1 x Certified adapter and charger

● 1 x T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance

● 1 x Hook to hang your board

● 1 x Rear LED light 

● 1 x User manual