TSG Description Kneepad Wavesk8 A

  • HARDSHELL CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy hard shell construction stands up to falls, abrasions and piercing by sharp objects in skating rinks. 
  • NEOPRENE: Neoprene is comfortable for water sports like surfing. 
  • OPEN BACK DESIGN: The kneepad is easy to put on and take off with its open back design and easy neoprene butterfly velcro closure without the hassle of removing shoes.
  • ACF FOAM: ACF foam shell makes the pad soft and comfortable during normal conditions, but turns hard to absorb impact forces during crashes or accidents. 
  • DURABILITY: This rugged kneepad uses tear-resistant nylon, that is double stitched for durability.
  • PE CAP: Replaceable PE cap and lateral padding on both sides and above the knee offers additional protection.
  • ANTI-SLIP NBR: The kneepad stays secured in place with its anti-slip NBR liner, unique horseshoe shaped design, and top/bottom 360° velcro straps and strap holders.
  • PRE-SHAPED DESIGN: A comfortable lining, non-slip cuffs, and pre-shaped design ensures precision fit and proper coverage, so players can focus on performance without any worry.
  • CERTIFIED: Wavesk8 is safety certified so you can go about your rigorous sports movements with peace of mind.