Maxfind Description MAX5 (NEW)


Former General Motors designer Professor Fred team led the design of the MAX5 electric skateboard design, adopting a mysterious and smart design method, simple and neat and beautiful lines.

  • 21 Miles Range - The Longest in the Same Price Range.
  • 24 Mph Top Speed - Great for Beginners and Pros.
  • X-composite Flex Deck - The Only Brand Uses Eco-friendly & Recyclable Materials.
  • Fast Shipping- US Warehouse.
  • 9-Month Warranty - Topnotch Customer Service.

The Maxfind MAX5 electric skateboard is designed for entry-level riders, offering a beginner-friendly design, a quick learning curve, a smooth and stable riding experience, reliable performance, and affordability. These selling points make the MAX5 Series an ideal choice for newcomers looking to embark on their electric skateboarding journey.