description JUMBO

6V-60V LED Headlight
Light the path with the front light powered by the bike's battery. It can be turned on/off on the handlebar control pad.The headlight is bright enough to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable.

LCD Display
The LCD display has a dark background and bright numerics and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. With waterproof connectors, it displays battery life, speed and distance, and has push mode- a feature to use in the circumstance of pushing the bike uphill.

Powerful Rear Motor
Powerful rear motor offers continuous 1000 watts of power for quicker acceleration.

Dual-Shoulder Fork
Sturdy & steady dual-shoulder fork produces with exquisite craftsmanship to match customer’s exquisite lifestyle.

Rack and Fenders
These fenders come in great use. They will keep your bike clean, come with an integrated taillight, and if you ever need to carry some extra gear, don’t worry— just strap on the rear rack and make your way!

Vintage Bell
Design with small size and Vintage stylish look make your Jumbo different from other normal elcetric bike.